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Sunday, November 26, 2017

Our AT&T U-verse Review For Students

Our AT&T U-verse Review For Students

An AT&T U-verse Review – What We Recommend For You

Source : stateronline

AT&T U-verse is deemed as the evolution of digital television, high speed internet and voice service. It makes use of dependable fiber optic technology to supply services for AT&T subscribers all over the country. U-verse guarantees that television programming will feature more digital and high definition programming and channels, faster and uninterrupted internet service and more voice features to keep you connected with your loved ones via landline phone service. If you are looking for efficient and practical bundle deals for TV, internet and voice then AT&T U-verse may be the service for you. Here are some of U-verse features that may interest you:

  • U-verse TV offers 100% crystal clear audio and video with over 205 high definition channels. U-verse channels are still growing as we speak.
  • U-verse TV uses Total Home DVR which allows you to record up to 4 shows at once!
  • Allows you to watch movies with your mobile device using the Total Home DVR apps.
  • Internet services have download speeds of up to 45Mbps and come with all the most efficient security features.
  • Internet subscribers have free access to national AT&T Wi-Fi Hot Spot network
  • Voice subscribers get over 20 calling features along with the popular caller ID, call waiting and three –way calling.
  • Voice comes with integrated features like voicemail viewer and caller ID on your television; these come when you bundle your services.
  • Get free activation when you order online
  • Student discounts for some campuses including ours

Advantages of using AT&T U-verse

Subscribers will be able to get more savings with their services when they choose to bundle their services. If they already have AT&T, they may still get reduced prices offers and promos for existing customers. You may also avail of U-verse build your own bundle offers and get the services that you only need; pay for services that you only as well.

AT&T U-verse offers the clearest TV, internet and voice because of fiber optic technology. This is not affected by weather or even the distance of the subscriber to the base. Fiber optic will be the communications technology of tomorrow and AT&T readies its customers for it.

U-verse allows you to integrate your services together also with their bundled services. Voice features like voice mail may be accessed online while caller IDs may be checked through the TV. This is very convenient for any subscriber.

U-verse allows you to download faster compared to other services for an affordable rate. And since internet service is fast, you can enjoy online gaming, watching videos and faster music streaming allowing you to finish what you need to do faster as well.

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Disadvantages of using AT&T U-verse

Fiber optic is not yet available everywhere and so if you live remotely from the city you may need to wait for fiber optic installation. Customers are thus instructed to check the availability of U-verse from their location before they avail of installation. AT&T U-verse may be offered through a bundled offer but may still be more expensive compared to other providers. But as they say, there is no price for great quality.

Are There Any Alternatives Worth Mentioning ?

Well yes there are , you can get xfinity, Comcast ,Cox ,Charter ,CenturyLink but the next best thing to At&t in our opinion is Verizon Fios , we have arranged a deal for you guys to get 40% off fios at MyDealsClub here. Read their article to learn more about how fios works and whether you can get it , there is an availability tool here but our area is mostly covered anyway.

20% Off Linksys Velop Whole Home Wi-Fi S…

20% Off Linksys Velop Whole Home Wi-Fi Systems!

50% Off Bulldog Dojo!

50% Off Bulldog Dojo!

Save $100 on Norton Core Secure High Per…

Save $100 on Norton Core Secure High Performance Wi-Fi Router!

Save $30 on August Smart Lock Pro!

Save $30 on August Smart Lock Pro!

AT&T U-verse Movies Review And Black Friday Offer

AT&T U-verse Movies Review And Black Friday Offer

An AT&T U-verse Movies Review

Source :

This black friday the team at AT&T have an amazing offer for you from MyDealsclub to save an additional 30% on a new package  ( no coupon needed) At bits we highly recommend AT&T services so check out the deal for Black friday and Cyber monday , below is a write up about the streaming movie service 

AT&T U-verse is currently one of the best when it comes to digital and high definition television. And what do you want when it comes to TV? Movies of course! And AT&T U-verse movies give you brighter and better audio and video experience at home and with your mobile device using AT&T Total Home DVR system. If you are looking for the best movie channels like HBO and Cinemax then the best TV experience is just with AT&T U-verse. Here are some of the best features of U-verse that you may be looking for:

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Comes with the U-verse Wireless Receiver so you can receive programming anywhere you are around the house.

Enjoy U-verse in your computer and mobile device; you can watch shows on demand anywhere you are.

Use U-verse apps to watch TV and more movies

More channels than other companies with over 205 high definition channels

With perfect picture quality and crystal clear sound

You may record 4 shows at once with Total Home DVR at once

You get to pause and rewind live TV from any room in the house.

Enjoy more savings with bundled services with other U-verse services like voice and internet.

With the internet Wireless Gateway you will be able to connect all devices capable of Wi-Fi to the internet.

Advantages of using AT&T U-verse movies and television

You get the best DVR in the industry with the ability to record 4 shows at once. Imagine watching television in one room and then your family records a show in the other. You definitely can do so much more at the same time when you choose U-verse TV.

When it comes to movies, you get more HD movie channels and more digital movie channels in one subscription. You do not need to rent or even purchase movies anymore; you get high quality movie programming and movies that were just on the movies several months ago.

If you have a speaker system at home then you could enjoy movies like you are watching them in a theatre house. You get the clearest picture as well as the best sound all the time.

Since the receiver is wireless you can watch television programming, movies, sporting events and documentaries in beautiful high definition or stunning digital video and audio in your own mobile computing device anywhere around the house.

Finally, you can enjoy more savings with the U-verse TV when you bundle it with voice and internet service. You get to choose from a number of TV packages so technically you will pay for the channels that you wish to watch or the programming that you like only.

Disadvantages of using AT&T U-verse movies and TV

Although fiber optic is the next generation technology it is not yet available in all residential areas in the country. A customer may still have to wait till fiber optic is available so that they may be able to enjoy U-verse in their homes.