Monday, January 11, 2016

What Is The Best Portable Charger For Android And iPhone ?

Ipowerbuddy is a 10000mah Permium portable charger found at amazon on the link below?

It is by far, my favorite portable charger. The LED display takes all the guesswork out of remaining battery power and the dual port allow you to charge two devices at a time. It's not at all bulky but there is some weight to it. I received it at approximately 60% power and it charged to 100% in less than two hours. I charged both my Samsung 4 and iPhone 6 at the same time, each with less than 50% battery. With both drawing power, they achieved 100% within 60 minutes. I call that a big WIN! Very well made, very efficient and well worth the money! Highly Recommended!

My phone was at 56% and the charger was at 67% when I got this charger, so I plugged it in to see how fast it would charge my phone. It took 40 minutes to charge my phone fully, and the charger is still at 67%. So, it did not charge my phone very fast, but the charger has plenty of juice to charge several devices before needing to be charged itself. While I found it a little slow to charge my phone even though the data and wifi were turned off, the fact that it still had so much juice left to charge other devices makes it totally worth having.

I love my smartphone and the more applications I download, the faster my battery runs out. I use my phone for everything from music to taking pictures. This portable phone charger bank by iPowerBuddy is a great one. It is a little smaller than a TV remote and can be slipped into your purse, fanny pack or backpack. Charge it up around 10 hours and you can recharge your phone or tablet up to 5 times.

I charged my phone from 25 percent up to 100 and used around 30 percent power. I left it on but it states it will charge faster with it off. Has two regular USB ports on the side and a small one on the top. The best part is the display on the front. It has a digital display that shows how much charge you have left. Also comes with the cord needed to charge via USB port or could use with a brick via power cord. Great gift or keep for yourself. I received this product for testing and my opinion is based on my personal experiences with this product only.

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